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  • Optical Brightener PC 6

    Product Intro:Optical Brightener PC 6
    Applicable Industry:



    Product Details

    • C.I.


    • Appearance

      Amber liquid

    • Application

      for coating process. Stable in hard water. Applicable in wide range of PH value. High affinity for starch, CMC and carbonic acid compound. Acid resistant and high lightfastness. Stable in hot working process of the pigment coating.

    Product Advantages

    01.Stable Quality

    All products have reached national standards, product purity of more than 99%, high stability, good weatherability, migration resistance

    02.Factory Direct Supply

    Plastic State has 2 production bases, which can guarantee the stable supply of products, factory direct sales

    03.Export Quality

    Based on domestic and global, the products are exported to more than 50 countries and regions in Germany, France, Russia, Egypt, Argentina and Japan

    04.After-sales Service

    24-hour online service, the technical engineer handles the whole process regardless of any problems during the use of the product

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