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What are the classifications of fluorescent whitening agents and how to classify them

Publisher:Subang Technology

Fluorescent brightener, commonly known as white dye, is an organic compound that is colorless and can excite fluorescence under ultraviolet light. It can improve the whiteness and gloss of the substance. It is a complex organic compound. Its characteristic is to excite incident light to produce fluorescence, so that the dyed substance obtains a sparkling effect similar to fluorite, making the substance visible to the naked eye very white.

  Many industries have begun to use optical brighteners, such as paper, plastic, leather, and detergent. So, what are the classifications of optical brighteners? Today, Supang will understand with you.



What types of fluorescent brighteners are there!

Fluorescent brighteners are mainly divided into plastic special fluorescent brighteners, ink fluorescent brighteners, paint fluorescent brighteners, washing fluorescent brighteners, paper fluorescent brighteners and so on.


Fluorescent brighteners can be divided into five categories according to their chemical structure:

 ①Stilbene type, used in cotton fiber and some synthetic fibers, papermaking, soap making and other industries, with blue fluorescence;

 ②Coumarin type, with the basic structure of coumarone, used in celluloid, PVC, etc., with strong blue fluorescence;

Pyrazoline type, used for wool, polyamide, acrylic and other fibers, with green fluorescent color;


Benzooxynitride type, used for acrylic and other fibers and polyvinyl chloride, polystyrene and other plastics, with red fluorescence;

Phthalimide type, used for polyester, acrylic, nylon and other fibers, with blue fluorescence.


Classified by model:

For the commonly used models in the optical brightener industry, industry professionals often inquire through the commonly used models when purchasing. The current common models can be divided into:

Optical brightener BC, optical brightener EBF, optical brightener R, fluorescence, optical brightener ER, optical brightener PS-1, optical brightener CXT, optical brightener DT, optical brightener Agent MD, acid-resistant brightener VBA, optical brightener VBL, hydrogen peroxide decomposition inhibitor DTPA, optical brightener PLB, optical brightener VBU (acid-resistant brightener VBU), optical brightener OB, whitening KCB-E, fluorescent brightener FP127-T, fluorescent brightener OB, brightener KSN, fluorescent brightener 4BK, etc.


The above are several common classification methods for optical brighteners. As the earliest domestic manufacturer engaged in the research and production of fluorescent brighteners, Subang Fluorescent Technology has a complete range of brighteners, covering commonly used fluorescent brightener models (such as OB, OB-1, FP-127, etc.), and provide One-stop whitening service.